Cyber attacks continue to rise year on year. It is no longer a matter of if you will become a victim, but when. By the end of last year up to 59 million records were being leaked each month (figures produced by IT Governance).

What were seen as ‘Traditional’ intrusion prevention security measures (such as a firewall and anti-virus software), although vital to any environment, can no longer be relied upon to keep your environment safe from those with malicious intent in this evolving threat landscape. So, what can be done?

Intrusion detection is the key. The majority of intrusions are detected by third-parties, such as the Banking Network in the case of payment card data breaches. The average time between an attack and third-party detection is 320 days. This is compared to an average of 56 days for organisations who self-detect a breach. The sooner an attack can be detected the greater the reduction on the business and the quicker you can return to business as usual (the ultimate goal of any incident response). Effective incident detection can be achieved though such things as; Log Monitoring, File Integrity Monitoring, Web Application Firewall, Honey Pots, Commercial Intrusion Detection System that use live alerting.

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