A recent report from two of Microsoft's executives titled ‘Today in technology: The top 10 tech issues for 2018’ has called for a Digital Geneva Convention to protect people online. The report comes from Brad Smith, Chief Legal Officer and Ann Browne, Director of Executive Communications. Many topics were covered in the report such as AI, immigration and encouraging school children to pick up coding. However, cybersecurity took the top spot.

“The first half of the year should provide the opportunity for global technology leaders to come together and adopt a cyber-security tech sector accord. This would create a stronger basis for tech companies to act effectively as internet first responders in protecting customers from the full range of cybersecurity threats. Microsoft is committed to helping to advance this effort.”

“We need governments to recognize where international law applies to cyberattacks and fill in the gaps where it does not. That’s why we’ve supported short-term steps to clarify existing law and have called for the pursuit of a Digital Geneva Convention to protect civilians on the internet.”

“To achieve this goal we must build on the international community’s experience with the Red Cross, which as we’ve written, spurred governments since the 19th century to recognize the need for medics and volunteers to act in a neutral capacity to protect the wounded on the battlefield. In 2018 we need governments to recognize that tech companies in effect need to act as medics in cyberspace and should protect people everywhere, regardless of nationality.”

It's great that cybersecurity is getting the attention it deserves from both the media and tech corporations. This sort of exposure can only mean good things going forward. We’ve seen there is already a 45% lack of cybersecurity skills across the board and cybersecurity is an industry in dire need of niche expertise and resources. It will be interesting in the coming years to see what incentives are introduced to bring more attention to this career path; to create the cybersecurity Red Cross that Microsoft seek.

To read the full Microsoft report, click here