A Website Health Check is kind of like taking your website for a checkup - you find out if anything's wrong and you learn how to keep it happy, healthy, and growing for years to come.

It's a three step process:


Firstly, a Foregenix security specialist conducts an external and internal scan using our FGX-Web solution. This will show you if your site is vulnerable to outside exploits.


Next, we look for Magento exploits, unauthorised webshells, backdoors, data harvesting, and more to ensure that you haven't been compromised from inside. We also monitor your site's security over a whole month.


Once the check is complete, we will send you a detailed overview and report that provides you with everything you need to know about your website's security, any possible issues that we discover, how to quickly solve them and keeping your - and your customers' - data safe.

Our on-going checks mean we can see what occurs on your website over the long term - such as Brute Force Attacks that won't be picked up by a one-off scan.

Click here to schedule your Website Health Check and don't hesistate to contact us if you have any questions.