Foregenix attended the WPM Payment Acceptance & Security Conference and PCI SIG in Mayt to help deliver a mock breach day. The day was attended by over 100 persons from higher education or further education establishments from all over the UK. 

Foregenix are proud to have had a hand in organising the event, which consisted of taking the audience through an example breach. 

Duncan Slater played the role of the PFI, delivering three presentations throughout the day, covering topics such as preparing for a PFI investigation, the PFI process, and a walk through an example PFI report.

The day was a great success with some very positive feedback;

“The example PFI provided was useful to see what would be in the document and what would be looked at”, 

“The PFI was very interesting to listen to”, 

and my own personal favourite; “I was suitably terrified by aspects of Duncan Slater's PFI sessions!”