What's the first thing that most companies do when they want to decrease their amount of abandoned baskets? They will likely spend money on creating a compelling abandoned basket email campaign, time on re-evaluating their checkout and payment processes, and effort in outsourcing their UX and customer reviews.

In fact - in a study by Bay Media and EY Studios, 17% of carts are abandoned on eCommerce websites due to concerns about the customer's data security. 

You probably trust that your website is secure, you may have gone to the effort of picking a platform with built-in security features or even invested in a WAF. But do your customers know this?

Be clear that your customers' data security is a priority.

Re-enforce throughout your basket and payment process what security measures you have in place in order to address the 17% of abandoned baskets who mistrust your website.

We have built in a 'secure seal' to FGX-Web, which says to your prospects 'we take care in ensuring your data is kept safe and away from cyber criminal's hands.'