The statistics are incredibly frightening... Over 300 data breaches within just over 3 months... Resulting in 1.3 million records compromised! And no doubt there are thousands more that have not been flagged as of yet. 

Through many years of experience, Foregenix have identified that the average time taken to actually detect a compromise is 24 weeks (5.5 months)! This means that while your organisation was going about its daily activities, at some point, an attacker had identified a vulnerability within your system(s) and leveraged this to obtain unauthorised access to your system(s). From this point on the attacker has full reign of the system(s) and can begin exfiltrating confidential data for their own malicious use. 

Therefore, it has never been more paramount to wholeheartedly adopt cyber security within your organisation. It is important to have the right policies and procedures in place, however simply being aware of "what to do" is not enough. That is why at Foregenix we eat, sleep, and breathe all things related to cyber security. 

With Canary you are able to be at ease, knowing that your environment is constantly being monitored. So if ever an attacker decides to snoop and attempt to attack your system, you are notified immediately, and therefore able to mitigate any unauthorised access to confidential data.