I recall as a young man on my travels one of the things that amazed me most along with the 1600 strong islands of Halong bay, the seemingly endless luscious Thai Jungles and the outstanding beauty of the waterfalls in the Kimberley region in northern Australia, I was amazed by the number of remote workers that now live and travel throughout the globe. Hostels are no longer filled with young, unhygienic, sunburnt revellers in the hope of expanding their horizons but with web developers, bloggers and entrepreneurs. Their logic is simple - why spend vast amounts of money on overheads in the west, when they can live and work for cheaper elsewhere? With the digital revolution in full stride our planet is becoming increasingly localised.

With governments, employers and individual views on working life constantly evolving, many changes can be seen all over the world. The same nation that led the way in delicious meatballs, pop groups turned musicals and, of course, flatpack furniture, Sweden has now implemented a six hour working day. The aim is to increase productivity along with work/life balance. Multinationals, such as Toyota have followed suit. They introduced a six hour day in 2002 and have since reported a happier workforce and lower staff turnover as well as increased profits.

Increasingly SMEs are allowing their staff to work from home (Eurostat estimates this figure is now at 35% in Europe), and there are multiple benefits that can be gained by both parties. It is, however, important to consider the negatives – such as the cyber security risk to the company when putting trust in the hands of employees who are dotted around the globe. With escalating numbers of businesses being hacked each year it’s imperative that employees are informed, educated and understand the part they play in keeping the company (and themselves) secure. Aside from the technical controls required to protect company systems for remote workers, an effective security awareness education program will go a long way to helping you to protect your business.

Online Security Awareness Training is a rapidly growing industry and Foregenix has partnered with Popcorn Training to deliver entertaining, memorable and educational Security Awareness Training to organisations of all sizes.   

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