I have now had a chance to scan through the eighty plus pages that make up the UK Governments Cyber Security Strategy for the next 5 years. My initial thoughts are that it reads pretty well and says much of what you would expect it to say. 

It takes a look at the diverse nature of the challenge, considering the potential impact of cyber security on our national infrastructure, our economy and us as individual citizens. If you are immersed in this sort of stuff day in day out, you may not learn a great deal, however if you consider yourself to be 'consciously, incompetent' then you probably will pick up quite a lot of useful stuff. 

Personally I quite like the fact that it acknowledges that we have come to rely on technology built with 'efficiency, cost and convenience' as the principal drivers with security rarely baked-in from the start. 

The reality is that this approach is going to have to change, as there is simply too much riding on what we have created. That said I would guess that any 'game changing' innovation, 'planes, trains and automobiles' to name but three,  will have ultimately reached a tipping point whereby it recognised the need to manage the new risks it had created.  

I have no doubt that there will be many detractors, just check the comments posted under the story where published in the national media, to see what I mean. But as they say 'it is what it is' and 'we are where we are', so take a read and 'make of it what you will' ;)