The concept of the 'Cowboy builder' is well understood. You might have seen one of those reality shows that documents the tails of woe associated with the jobs undertaken by such dubious individuals. The techniques used can vary. Some choose to cut corners in the way they go about their job, many are rank incompetent and a few are fraudsters. In each situation the victim is left dumbfounded, angry and in some instances financially ruined by the results of their actions. 

It is fair to say that some of the victims have been naïve in their expectations and many should probably have undertaken significantly greater due diligence before contracting the individuals concerned. 

The concept of the 'cowboy builder' can be applied to any rogue tradesman and it is not uncommon for one botched job to end up with further chaos and expense further down the line. 

The concept is nothing new and is the reason why there are numerous trade bodies, accreditations and certifications that serve to maintain standards within the building trade. What's more there are many professions that support the trade, for example architects, surveyors and project managers all of whom contribute to the successful completion of a particular job. 

Clearly budget is often a determining factor, the chances are the more you pay the better the job you can expect. Although not strictly true, as many 'cowboy builders' will charge through the nose, its fair to say that quality and professional support comes at a price. 

We are now encountering a world where the 'cowboy builder' has gone high tech and is building an e-commerce site near you! 

As a PCI DSS Forensic Investigator (PFI) we regularly encounter account data compromises that are the result of vulnerable web applications. 

The slick functionality that can be delivered via for example Magento, often belies the potential vulnerabilities that can catch out those not well versed in cyber security. 

Our experience suggests that the vast majority of web developers are simply not aware of the weaknesses that exist in the tools that they use, which is why we have developed a solution expressly designed to help them and their clients. 

FGX-Web has evolved from a post breach 'antidote' to a proactive solution designed to shield e-commerce websites from the attacks to which they are most prone. Incorporating a Web Application Firewall (WAF) it is packed with features that not only protects the merchant, but also provides credible web developers with a safety net to protect their own reputation. 

Unsure how secure your website is? Scan your website, quickly and externally, using WebScan to look for external indicators of compromise or vulnerability.