It has been on top of most of the headlines; the Dropbox hack that took place in 2012 has finally had the data leaked.

Mass emails were sent out to the millions of users of Dropbox, requesting that they change their passwords... Unfortunately I also received this disheartening email. 

Our forensic manager, James Allman-Talbot, wrote a great article on passwords. We would highly recommend you follow his advice and create a very strong, complex, unique password to access your accounts.

Most clients ask us how they are supposed to remember long unique and complex passwords – we would recommend using one of the password managers (LastPass, 1Password, KeePass), which will make your password management a LOT easier and more effective. 

Yes, these solutions are not failsafe – last year LastPass announced a security breach. However, they do present a much more effective way to manage the many passwords we all have to use on a daily basis – and if you rotate the password you use for your password manager your risk of having your passwords compromised in one of these password managers is significantly reduced.

As the Cyber Security threatscape changes, Brute Force attacks are just one of many weapons that hackers have in their arsenal to launch potentially costly and malicious attacks against your website, and many companies are turning to cloud-based WAF solutions such as FGX-Web to monitor and protect their websites. Learn more about how to defend your online business here.