According to the Federation of Small Businesses, cyber attacks - and reading into it, data compromise - is costing small UK businesses £5.3bn each year.  A staggering amount!

Our experience is predominantly in the Payment Card Industry, where criminals arguably have the quickest cashout from cyber attack - in the form of stolen payment card data.

The vast majority of small businesses we assist have been hacked and lost data through their eCommerce website. They are mortified, embarrassed, often confused (as their developers said that they do not store payment data anywhere - so they assumed they were safe) and hugely concerned about penalties (see our article on Visa EU Acquirer Mandate - this lays out the financial implications for a hacked business losing Visa card data).

The basic facts surrounding the vast majority of these small eCommerce businesses is that: 

  • they simply do not have the skills to defend their growing online business.  
  • Their developers do not have the cyber security skills either (and why would they - they are developers designing and building a highly effective online sales machine.  They are not cyber security specialists).
  • Neither does their hosting provider.
  • Or anyone else linked to the eCommerce business.

And that's why it is not surprising that such a large amount of money is stolen from small businesses each year.  It is a case of easy money for criminals.


Securing a website is not difficult.

Read our article on 11 Steps to Improve your Website Security

Additionally, Foregenix FGX-Web technology takes care of the vast majority of website security issues.  We have a healthy and developing partner base with web developers who "get" that they are not security specialists and now deploy FGX-Web on their client websites - relying on Foregenix to provide the security knowledge and support where needed.

Get in touch with us today if you want to check your website security - or if you are a web developer looking for ways to improve the security of your clients' websites.

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The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) study discovered that smaller businesses are collectively the target of 7m attacks a year, with two-thirds of small businesses reporting being a victim of cyber crime in the last two years and the average victim being subject to four cybercrimes during that timeframe.