An interesting article on 'The Anatomy of a Perfect Checkout Page', claims that $4 trillion worth of potential purchases are abandoned at the checkout of which 13% can be attributed to concerns about payment security. And as I mentioned in an earlier post, one of the checkout attributes that often raises concerns leading to an abandonment is a payment re-direction. Whilst considered the safest means to handle card payments within the industry, this is not necessarily the way it is perceived by the consumer. 

The irony is that the small merchants who most frequently use this payment model are those who need to engender the most trust! 

By 'baking-in' application security, web developers can build payment pages that are much more compelling to consumer - and safer too.

FGX-Web has been designed to address the modes of attack most frequently used in the data breaches we investigate on behalf of leading acquiring banks and their merchant customers.  

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