Next week sees the start of the annual InfoSecurity Europe show in London. Boasting in excess of 300 vendors, it's hardly surprising that confusion reigns with SMEs. As we know, there is no 'silver bullet', so each one will set out to tackle the many cyber security challenges we face in their own particular way. Granted, many will be focused on the enterprise market, however for the SME the array of solutions and advice is mind-boggling. To the uninitiated, it could be compared to a 'wheel inventors' convention. Is there really that many ways to stop malware entering your online store? 

At Foregenix, we believe that cyber security should be 'baked-in'. After all you wouldn't buy a car without brakes, let alone attempt to fit them yourself after you bought it!  Find out more about our 'Web Developers Program' and learn how enterprise class security can be 'baked-in' to SME solutions.