Shop Direct FS CEO, Neil Chandler, believes that virtual reality and augmented reality are going to be the next big steps in the eCommerce industry within the next two years.  But at what potential cost to customers security?  

The eCommerce industry is rapidly growing and, when it comes to data compromise, has the lions share when in comes to payment card data breaches.  In the last year 56% of the forensic investigations performed by the Foregenix DFIR team were on eCommerce businesses.

Security is a significant concern - especially to those of us who see the murky side of the internet helping businesses who have experienced having their systems gutted, data stolen and sold.  Technology is moving at such a rapid rate that there is probably no need to doubt Neil Chandler's prediction - our concerns would be to make sure that this fantastic and exciting new technology is developed securely - hopefully they have been thinking about how to secure their clients' data...

Given our perspective - as forensic investigators assisting a majority of eCommerce businesses after their incidents - basic security is not being understood or put in place for the majority of websites.  Will adding in these great new technologies to enhance the shopping experience also help present additional surfaces for criminals to attack?

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