Many of the merchants who require the services of a Foregenix PFI Forensic Investigation are small and/or start-up companies who have not invested in sufficient security to protect the data that they are handling. 

It is true that the cost of security can be expensive and it may not be a top priority for a new or small business, but the cost of a PFI investigation can be catastrophic for these small firms. In some cases we have seen companies cease trading due to the costs and fines that result from a breach.  

Small and start-up companies make easy pickings for criminals looking to take advantage of weak or non-existent security.  Many of these breaches could be be avoided if an investment in security was made as part of the initial company business plan, and it is paramount that security risks and counter measures are continually reassessed as the context shifts and the company grows.  The attached article is a great insight into the security considerations small and start-up companies should be taking with regards to data security.

Foregenix also offer their own advice on improving website security.

11 Steps to Improve Your Website Security