MedStar has been covering most of the Cyber Security news headlines in the past quarter; and for all the wrong reasons. It has created so much havoc, even the FBI issued an alert last week.

So why are hospitals being attacked?

  • A low percentage of their IT budget is being spent on data security
  • A very small number of IT specialists focused on data security
  • The low level of prioritisation of data security

As all health records are maintained electronically, the attackers use this to their advantage. As the inability to view a patient's record could result in a potential death, this forces a very high probability of a 'pay-out'.  

The FBI have advised not to succumb to the attackers demands, and refuse to pay the ransom. However, how long can organisations such as hospitals stand-by and refuse patients treatment?

All of this limelight poses the inevitable questions:

           Could this wave of attacks hit the UK?

                    Is the UK prepared for such an attack?