This month the UK Government has confirmed the creation of a National Cyber Security Centre, who's initial remit will be to work alongside the Bank of England to produce advice for the financial sector.  The full remit of the NCSC will not be seen until they begin to operate in October 2016, but a few questions immediately come to mind, 

"Are the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) not already attempting to perform this function on a global scale?"

"Will the NCSC adopt and promote the same approach to security standards as PCI DSS or will merchants and financial institutions be confused by conflicting security advice and requirements?"

And, "What effect will the NCSC have on PFI investigations?"

The Cabinet Office office said the NCSC "will be the authoritative voice on information security in the UK."  We shall have to wait until October to see whether the NCSC can effectively bring together the work of other Government organisations such as IAAC, CESG, NCA, local police, and the PCI SSC, succeeding where others have struggled to make an impact on the ever increasing leaves of cyber crime and data breaches.