Yet again Apple have been in the news for their iPhone. This time it was all to do with not building a backdoor into the iPhone in order to help the FBI. For weeks, the government pressed for Apple’s help, arguing that the only way into the phone was for Apple to build a special kind of software for them, what Apple started calling a “GovtOS.” Apple criticised the request, arguing it would hurt the security of all its phones. 

Not too long after, and without the help from Apple the FBI was able to crack the iPhone with the help from a third party. Now the FBI are keeping all "hush, hush" about how they were able to get into the iPhone, which in turn prevents Apple from not only being able to create a patch to prevent this type or breach in the future but also to help them understand if this issue spreads wider into the iPhone range that everyday consumers are using.

As well as the risk to consumers, how will this kind of device security affect SME businesses?